Your work routine has been turned upside down; now what? This question is something we’ve all asked ourselves over the last six months.

The Hustle’s recent post on “How much bigger can digital fitness get?” was the final push for me writing about this topic – probably five months too late. Nevertheless, I’m sharing how I’ve adapted my routine without a gym.

My three principals:

  • Find locations that facilitate and encourage exercise
  • Leverage coaching resources
  • Use equipment that is versatile and travel-friendly

Find the Right Space

Like anything in life, your environment dictates motivation and efficacy, and it’s especially true for fitness. I encourage you to push the boundaries of your living room and find a location where you have space, feel excited, and are comfortable.

Why do you think studios like SoulCycle, Barry’s, Orange Theory, etc. are so popular? It’s because they create an environment that is inspiring and motivating. There is no reason you can’t find your own “outdoor studio.”

Here are some of my favorite locations:

Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Lyon Street Steps, San Francisco
Moscone Field, San Francisco


Everyone has those days where you don’t want to think; you just want to do. I also think diversity in your workout routine is an excellent way to avoid fitness boredom. We are blessed with unlimited resources that help you do just that and here are a few of my favorites:

  • Nate Bower Fitness (youtube channel): NBF provides an extensive library of free boxing workouts for any level of boxer.
  • Varris by Equinox: Paid resource for Equinox members with a variety of classes.
  • ROMWOD: A recovery paid service I’ve written about in the past, but especially helpful for those sitting at your desk all day.
  • NAMASWEAT Fitness: A special shout-out to my fiancee’s amazing fitness classes!
  • Whoop Fitness App: Whoop provides personalized fitness, sleep, and recovery data, which provides actionable data to ensure you are meeting your fitness goals.


Finding fitness equipment is notoriously challenging right now, so I recommend going to Gopher Sport or Rogue Fitness. They have most items in stock and aren’t price gouging their customers.

Here are the equipment I recommend and use for its versatility and travel/storage capability.

  • Kettlebell: My first piece of equipment I bought because of its versatility. I suggest selecting a KB between 15-30 pounds depending on your level of fitness.
  • MonkiiBars: An affordable, rugged, and travel-friendly TRX alternative for body weight movements (e.g dips, lunges, pistol squats, etc.). As an extra bonus, MonkiiBars are great addition while traveling.
  • Tactical Weight Vest: A great addition to any movement or exercise! I often wear it while I go on my morning coffee walks.
  • Bosu Ball: Great for core and stability exercises.
  • Jump Rope: A great way to add cardio to any workout. Try this 10 minute warm-up – 1 min jump rope/30 second push-ups, 2 min jump rope/30 second squats, 3 min jump rope, 30 second break, 1 min jump rope/30 second push-ups, 1 min jump rope/30 second squats.

Sample Workout Schedule

Here is what a typical workout week looks like for me:

  • 2-mile run
  • 100 pull-ups
  • 100 chin-ups
  • 50 Kettlebell swings
  • 50 curls (left/right each)
  • Burpee/Push-up Pyramid (1-10 reps)
  • Jump rope warm-up
  • Nate Bower Shadow Boxing Workout
  • Core cool down
  • 1-mile walk (weight vest)
Thursday – Rest Day
  • 2-mile run
  • 100 MonkiiBar dips
  • 100 push-ups
  • 50 kettlebell chest presses (left/right each)
Saturday – Rest Day
  • Kettlebell HIIT
    • 30 second intervals per exercise for 20 minutes
      • kettlebell swings
      • front lunge – right / left
      • balance single arm row – right / left
      • kettlebell suitcase swings
      • kettlebell push up – right / left
      • squat thruster + overhead press
      • seated kettlebell twist


It’s been a challenge adapting not only our workout routine to the new normal, but also our life routine. That’s why I suggest finding locations that facilitate and encourage you to push yourself, resources that can hold you accountable and coach, and versatile and travel-friendly equipment.

Good luck!